Welcome To The Official Se7en Productions Website

Se7en Productions is remix and mash-up project founded by Music Producer and Sound Engineer, N-Seven, also known as Seven.

The project began in August 2004 and ran through to December 2014 with the release of eleven albums. The project was mainly focused on Hip-Hop and R&B remixes and mash-ups, with elements of Dance, UK Garage, Pop, Rock and Metal.

In 2005, Se7en Productions teamed up with UK Garage producer SL XL to create a collaborative project titled 7XL. An official website was launched featuring a very active forum and an internet radio station for unsigned talent to get their music heard.
Five tracks were made for 7XL’s debut release which was to be titled “Criminology”. Several months later, 7XL disbanded and the album was never finished. Four of the five tracks made by 7XL are featured on the Se7en Productions compilation album “HISTO7Y: The Remixes”.

In August 2014, N-Seven announced the final Se7en Productions album titled "End" would be released on December 15th 2014. The album of all new material would mark the 10 year anniversary and also the end of Se7en Productions.